Sunday, October 21, 2012

Zebster-1 Brambles-0

After I'd hacked down 1/4
I've had this "mission" in mind for a couple of years, hacking down my mother's raspberry and blackberry patch.  The raspberries have not been doing well lately and the blackberry bushes are getting so tall they fall out into the yard and grab my ass when I'm mowing.  Seriously, some are as tall as 12-15 feet.  And to complicate things more, the whole patch is "overrun" with a kudzu type vine that's intertwined amongst these very prickly stalks, especially the blackberries.  Some of the thorns are 1/4 inch long.

So with the help of my trusty implement of destruction, I started after it at about 9:00 this morning.   After about two and a half hours, I was pretty much done but the patch was only 90% cleared.  So with the help of another friend, see pic below, I managed to bull through to finish it.  One end of the patch was about 12-15 feet wide and the other end was 25 feet wide, and it was probably 50 feet long.  I should probably say that we'll check the final score of this battle in the morning, just in case it took a toll on my back.  Stiff right now but should be fine.

implement of destruction



mamajoan said...

Super job!! May not be as many berries next year but should be great the year after

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