Sunday, October 07, 2012

Popham Beach to Reid State Park

Despite a weather forecast that predicted, at best, overcast and windy weather and likely rain in the afternoon, we (being yours truly and his two best friends) struck out to do some sightseeing at parks on the coast of Maine, specifically at the mouth of the Kennebec River.  As it turns out, the weather was much better than predicted.  It only got windy and a little cold at our last stop, which served to make the ocean waves more dramatic crashing on the rocky coast.
As I've done before, you can see all of the pictures I took yesterday at the link, and I'll share a representative shot of each place we went.  Mixed in between we found a neat hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant in Downtown Bath for lunch (hole in the wall in the sense that the place was maybe 12 feet wide with a counter against one wall that sat four people and a two-person table in the corner) and finished our day with Blizzards from DQ on the way back through Bath.

Popham Beach State Park above at low tide.  This shot is taken along the beach but I took others looking out toward the ocean but I've never been anywhere where the beach, meaning the sand, was so wide, upwards of a 1/4 mile at low tide.

Fort Baldwin, with three batteries and a tall observation tower.  I took a couple of shots standing atop these batteries looking toward the ocean but the trees are now in the way.  Back in the day you would've been able to see for miles.  If the trees hadn't been in the way, I would've been able to take pictures of Fort Popham, which replaced Baldwin, that lies between this fort and the coast.
Standing on the site of the Popham Colony looking eastward over the bay.  The first ship built in what is now the United States was built here, called The Virginia.  The entrance to Fort Baldwin is behind me by a couple hundred feet.

Fort Popham, where I also took some pictures looking out toward the ocean.  I think these old forts are kinda neat.
Reid State Park, where I took several pictures of the coast.  They came out pretty good, I think, particularly of the little old bridge near the entrance.  At the end of the pictures you'll see three taken at a place near Reid State Park called Todd's Landing, named after our furry, four-legged friend -- well, not really but it's a pretty place.


Shel said...

It was a FANTASTIC day. I LOVE THE OCEAN!!! The food was very tasty. Great idea on the lunch and DQ. My Pumpkin Pie Blizzard was sooooo good! Can't wait to go back.

R.J. said...

Those are beautiful pictures!