Saturday, October 13, 2012

Deer-1 PT Cruiser-0

This is a misnomer since the poor deer did get the worst of it but this is how I was feeling about the following incident yesterday as I posted it to Facebook.  What follows is my explanation of what happened after I got home last night, followed by a few pictures that I just took this morning.

The deer hit me instead of me hitting it, 5 seconds after I'd avoided her boyfriend who'd run across in front of me. She glanced off the middle passenger's side, then hit the rear part of the rear wheel well and bumper pretty hard. She laid in the road for 5 minutes trying to get up while I was directing traffic and calling the police. Then she completely laid down, thought she was dead; but when I got to her, she walked back onto the lawn she came from and stood there for 5 minutes, looking like she was going to give up at times, then she laid down and after a few minutes put her head down.. So I finally had a chance to walk back and quickly look at my car. I looked at it for 60 seconds, looked back and she was gone. I went to the tree line and couldn't see her. The officer came, and he and I and another guy spent 15 minutes combing the woods for her, to no avail. So I have a dented car and no deer meat. Hopefully she's in better shape than she looked. I'm thinking her hooves hit the side of the car, which caused her to fall towards the rear wheel well. Instead of a broken neck, maybe a concussion and shoulder injury. (probably wishful thinking)
 You can see my squatting reflection taking this pic better than you can see the scratches from her hooves but they're there.
From the last 3 pictures you can see the back part of the wheel well is folded over, the bumper is knocked back and out towards the picture, and there's a hole in the inside wheel well.  So the combination of those things is going to make that hole and back bumper act like a sail going down the road.  There's also a piece missing out of the hub cap.

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Unknown said...

That sucks. I ran over a deer while driving cross country. Three lanes, and I was in the center one, cars on each side when a car in font of me swerves. I couldn't get out of the way in time. The deer had been hit already, so I like to think it was dead. I went up and over, and the passenger wheel left the ground.

The car was fine, amazingly. I stopped and checked everything out as well as I could, as it was past midnight. I stopped at a gas station and did the best I could cleaning with the window washer beside the pumps. I felt a little bad about that, but there was on car wash I could find, and there was some fur sticking to the car as well as tufts stuck in the lower edges, as well as some blood.

I consider myself very lucky, as I was west of Ohio by that point. The car was fine and no one was injured.