Thursday, May 08, 2014

Just sharing some pics around Maine

So looking at the last blog post before Portsmouth and looking at what pictures there are on my phone since, I see a few you might like from little day trips last summer and fall, and a couple thrown in that I've taken while working.
I get to see some tremendous sights while working but I won't take pictures of views from someone's backyard, even if they're never around, which I'm sure you can understand.  I'll describe each of these and where they are.

This is  a work photo.  Taken from Vinalhaven, an island, looking down the Fox Thoroughfare, which runs between Vinalhaven and the island of North Haven.  This tiny lighthouse just sits on a rock.  It can be rented for the weekend.

Speaking of Vinalhaven, how about a lobstah trap Christmas tree near the ferry landing.

Again, from Vinalhave, two pics taken of a tiny little private cove on a remote section of the island.

Taken at the Sunken Bridge and reversing falls area of Blue Hill.  That's Shelly.

The Deer Isle/Stonington Bridge, taken from the Deer Isle side.  The other side is Sedgwick.  So you'd think it'd be called the Sedgwick/Deer Isle Bridge, but it's a bridge to the island of Deer Isle, which has two towns -- Deer Isle and Stonington.

Finally, for now (I've got enough to do another just of lighthouse pics), more in Central Maine.  These four were taken around Skowhegan and the Kennebec River, including the wire walking bridge, the "famous Indian", the truly famous old Lakewood Theater with a Shelly cameo.


Zebster said...

Oh, the Lakewood Theater pic is not sightseeing, as we went there for dinner and a show. We saw "Too Many Cooks" in this great old place.

Deb said...

Very nice. Love that lobster trap Christmas tree!

Shel said...

The pictures are great, except for the Shelly cameo. LOL

I kept looking for ghosts at the theater but nothing! Maybe next time.

The Huntress said...

Those pics are beautiful!