Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy birthday to me

Spent a nice day with my sweetie doing a little sightseeing, checking another park off our State Park Passport and getting beat at putt putt golf (by just one stroke).  Now watching some Nascar and relaxing.  Hope you have a great August 18 also and enjoy the pictures.

Old Fort Halifax in Winslow

Bridge plate and look at the Sebasticook River as it meets the Kennebec River

Train tressel across the Sebasticook

Fort Halifax from the train tressel

Across the Kennebec to the old Hathaway shirt factory

Closer shot with the Waterville/Winslow bridge on the right.  Can also see the rapids and another train tressel


Mary said...

Happy Birthday! And very cool photos. :) Good to see you here. You 'should' blog more often!

Huntress aka R.J. said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I had places like this to visit where I am.

Pam Balancio said...

Nice photos, Zeb. Glad to see you and Shelly are having some fun times. Don't you love day trips? I know you do a lot of travelling for your job so I am proud of you for travelling for fun on your days off.

mamajoan said...

Nice pictures and good comments